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Wednesday, January 13, 2016
Grantseeker Monthly
Grant Connect

The New Year is a wonderful time to celebrate past accomplishments and get excited about future successes. This year, Grant Connect is happily celebrating its 50th anniversary, a milestone that has us feeling inspired and thinking about what’s next! Share our enthusiasm about 2016? Then here are four ideas to get your year started off right.


Shake things?up

Whether you’re a seasoned fundraiser or new to the field, you may have a fundraising comfort zone. What better time than the New Year to challenge your team to fundraise outside the?box?

Try something simple such as implementing small?changes?to your current fundraising strategy?or invest?time into improving your social media presence. If your grantseeking strategy is?nailed down, take a moment to consider?entering the world of peer-to-peer fundraising, and let someone else do the fundraising for a change (81%?of donors say they do not mind being asked by a friend to donate!)?

Get a second opinion

When is the last time you updated your 30-second elevator pitch? A new year is an opportunity for a little rejuvenation. Test your pitch out on colleagues in different departments, friends and family in different industries, and hey, maybe even a stranger or two. This will help you identify elements of your fundraising pitch that jump out and others parts of your ask that are falling flat.

Before you take it for a test run, remind yourself of the elements of a?stellar elevator pitch. Check out this?Elevator Speech Exercise for inspiration, which asks “Why do you personally care about [your] organization?”. Giving yourself a new chance to talk about your personal story may just ignite your creativity and help bring your pitch to the next?level.

Everyone loves a thank?you

Start the year off on a high note. Say thanks to all of the supporters who have helped your organization reach its goals in the past year. Something as simple as a thank you can turn a?one time donor into a long-term donor. And the sooner you contact your donors after receiving a gift, the more sincere and timely your thank you will?seem.

Need ideas to get going? Check out these?12 ways to say thank you?and see just how powerful these two words really?are!

Make some new?friends

As important as it is to thank your loyal supporters, it’s just as important to get out there and make some new?friends! The New Year is a perfect time for a little self-reflection, so take a moment to check out the?เว็บ แทง บอล แถม เสื้อ5 indicators of a healthy pipeline. This time next year you’ll pat yourself on the back for investing time developing a new list of funding prospects.

Finding the right funding prospects doesn’t have to be a time consuming task. If you aren’t already using Grant Connect, why not give us a call this year? Check out the best prospect research software in Canada for busy fundraisers with a free demonstration and a trial.??

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